Late post! Sold this baby to a lovely lady during the #BGCartmart :) Thank you everyone who dropped by and supported us, we had so much fun! :)
Stickerssss!!! Art trades and stuff i bought at the #BGCartmart i love them all @_@ hahaha thank you to all the artist who were really nice to say yes to art trading :) i love you too :)
Was so happy to meet all these wonderful artists from different schools! Here are some that i bought and were art traded from the lovely girls of UP diliman :) #BGCartmart :) (at High Street South BGC)
6th Oct 201423:481 note
We’re at the BGC Art mart today! Please do drop by and check out our stuff :)
28th Sep 201411:15
Look what my sweetest bunnies got me! @_@ IT’S THE COOLEST BOARD EVER!!! I love you 💗@kevinbrenttt  Thank you so much!
7th Sep 201418:06

Opening exhibit at the Cafe by the Ruins :)
thanks everyone for the love :)
for those who weren’t able to make it, the photo’s and paintings will be at the cafe til august 20 :) please do drop by :) <3

Our little Batman scanning the halls for danger!  
Sweetest little kitty ever. loves to run and tackle with the boys and takes care of her little sister baby when shes alone :) love them babies forever :3
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Tried painting Vergil of DMC but its not turning out the way i wanted it to be.. :( hmm
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12th May 201417:58
Few more days to go til our 5th year anniversary :) cant wait to see you soon :) i love you bunnies :*
7th May 201402:221 note
Third painting for the exhibit in baguio :) 
She&#8217;s not finish in this photo tho (i wasnt able to photograph it :( ) 
I hope you guys like all three :)
2nd May 201417:43
First exhibit in Baguio :) 
My paintings and kevin brent&#8217;s photos will be here from may 1 to may 30 so please do drop by and see it :)
2nd May 201401:551 note
Catch @kevinbrentt&#8217;s photographs at the exhibit tomorrow night, Baguio city :)
30th Apr 201419:23
Dont forget to drop by the exhibit tomorrow night Baguio city :)
30th Apr 201418:03
Conti&#8217;s such a pretty restaurant :)
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Opaque  by  andbamnan